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We Offer Remedial Services

Remediation | Envirosouth Technologies Inc. - Lakeland, FL

As defined in the dictionary, remedial services are concerned with correcting faulty habits and raising general competence.

In performing remedial services for our clients, our goal at Envirosouth Technologies, Inc., is to resolve any environmental impact as quickly and efficiently as possible and to restore the client to compliance so the incident will hold no lasting environmental or financial burden on either the community or the client.

Remedial services are a specialty of Envirosouth Technologies, which has been serving the Lakeland area for more than 15 years. In that time, we have earned a reputation for our knowledge of the complexities of today’s regulatory minefield and for our accuracy, reliability, and economy.

We understand that using the proper techniques in the proper timeframe can mean the rise or fall of projects. Remediation is an expense in itself and must be meaningful to investors and the community alike.

Our remedial services run the gamut and include:

• Technology evaluation and selection
• Regulatory permissions
• System design and installation
• Site-customized pilot testing

Remedial options include:

• Water and soil sampling
• Removal of water • Mobile air sparing, vacuum extraction, and air strippers
• Equipment inspection and troubleshooting
• Bioremediation

Whenever environmental remedial services are required, come to the experts at Envirosouth Technologies, Inc., in Lakeland for your piece of mind. Contact us for a consultation at (863) 668-0414.