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Remediation | Envirosouth Technologies Inc.

As defined in the dictionary, remedial services are concerned with correcting faulty habits and raising general competence.

Environmental Assessments | Envirosouth Technologies Inc.

A great idea or the perfect project can be stopped short with a potentially costly environmental assessment request from...

Enviroacnmental Compliance | Envirosouth Technologies Inc.

Maintaining or achieving environmental compliance is a must for anyone operating almost any type of business these days...

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Envirosouth Technologies, Inc., is Lakeland’s premier resource for prompt and accurate groundwater and soil assessments, remedial services, and environmental compliance needed by private industry to meet the strict environmental standards and government oversight that are part of today’s business climate.

Our directors, David and Deborah Poe, have more than 15 years of experience in the firm and have developed a reputation for service that is second to none while maintaining a competitive fee schedule.

Our primary goal is to serve the community both as a resource for precise technical data and a contributor to the development of the Lakeland area. We strive to serve area businesses by providing the best advice and sound strategies when environmental risk may be involved to make sure the outcome will meet all regulatory and financial requirements.

Our services have earned the trust of area land trustees and development agents alike as being trustworthy and exacting. We know the Lakeland area and its needs and regulations. As professionals in the field, we take pride in our attention to detail so our clients are not left facing unforeseen difficulties.

Our experts are well trained and accredited. Their knowledge and expertise are kept up-to-date with continuing education to meet evolving compliance regulations through the use of the most innovative technologies available.

All of our services – remediation, environmental assessment, and environmental compliance – are conducted in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We offer a wide array of options for remediation depending on project needs.

Clients can depend on us for:

• Prompt service
• Economical cost
• Attention to safety and security

For the most reliable, accurate, and economical service when environmental concerns and compliance are involved, Lakeland knows to contact the professionals at Envirosouth Technologies, Inc. We can be reached daily at (863) 668-0414.